For many watch owners who are also technology freaks, the question is simple, are touch screen watches worth it? It's quite absurd, actually. With touch screen watches, you do not just have a watch but something more. You do not just get to see the time but do a whole lot more including reading messages, checking mails, clicking pictures and sometimes, even receiving calls.

So, what are touch screen watches?

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Well, they are Touch Screen Watches that are actually gadgets. More, they mostly run on Android Operating Systems today. However, these watches have faced a number of criticisms since their inception. One has been the bulky nature. The odd shape and size also adds in to the woes of the wearer. In fact, these smart phone watches does have the cool factor. However, even though one can touch the screen to open and close a number of features and apps, the truth is it is only recently that the fad has started to catch on.

Today, the number of smart watch users is slowly rising and that has brought Google to launch a developer Android Operating system version especially for smart watch users. What's more, Samsung has its own Operating System for its touch screen watches as well. However, the basic thing to note here is that smart phone users who are interested in smart watches will only take one if they feel it is useful. Only a few will take it if for the show factor.

So how do you decide?

Apple is said to come out with its own smart watches or touch screen watches soon. The thing to note here is that smart watches need to have some basic features that need to be useful. So, while checking the time is essential there are a number of other important features that one can add too. One can be the ability to make calls right from the smart watch. The other could be inclusion of games and the ability to read mails. True, you cannot have great games like Grand Theft Auto in your smart watch. However, you definitely can have simple games like Tic Tac Toe. The games aren't that big but does help you to have a good past time.